Shadows - Can be read as stand alone novels.

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The night club Shadows is located in the heart of Ybor City, Tampa. It is the workplace of several of the city’s supernaturals and a playground for the humans who know nothing about their existence.


Mad Dogs - Not stand alone novels and should be read in order.

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The Mad Dogs are an elite Delta Force unit. However, Delta is just their cover because these werewolves are fighting a supernatural war that humans know nothing about. 


Guns & Hoses Universe - Can be read as Stand Alone Novels.

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Guns & Hoses is the haunt of Tampa’s police and fire departments employees. Cops and fireman fill the bar at all hours of the day and night to relax after their shift.  These are their stories of finding love.  


I.N.E.T. (International Narcotics Enforcement & Tracking) - Stand Alone Novel or Series



The International Narcotics Enforcement & Tracking Agency's sole goal is to put the scum around the world who are pumping poison on the streets. Trained better than the DEA and on par with the CIA and MI6, these agents take out the players in the drug game... one way or another.