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Brothers by Bond


Stand Alone Novel

  • Tags: Cops, Friends to Lovers, Adpotive Brothers
  • Aug. 2012
  • Word Count: 39,346 | Pages: 166
  • ISBN 13: 9781478398585


Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and his adopted brother for the last fifteen. They have been attached at the hip since they were kids, all through high school and even through the Army with the buddy system. From being stationed as MP's in Germany to graduating the police Academy and riding in the same patrol car night after night, where one was found, so was the other. They shared everything.

Until six months ago... when Johnny got divorced.

Mike's feelings for his best friend and brother changed; became more than just brotherly love and avoidance was his way of coping. However, the night he traded shifts to avoid his brother, once again, was the night he almost lost him. And more than anything else, that is Mike's biggest fear.



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