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Coming Home


Stand Alone - Short Story

  • Tags: M/M, Contemporary Romance, Enemies to lovers
  • April 2012
  • Word Count: 24,950 | Pages: 114
  • ISBN 13: 9781478396574

Chase Murphy was like any teenager; not a jock, not a geek, not a stoner, and he just wanted to survive high school. Survive being the key word. Every day was brutal.

Brad Wilson was everything that Chase wasn't, minus the drugs. All-star football player, wrestling champ and Mr. Popular whose favorite pastime seemed to be tormenting Chase.

When Chase Murphy returns to his backwater home in North Carolina, after eight years in the Marine Corps, only to be confronted by his high school tormentor, Brad Wilson, he isn't the same wimpy kid. His hatred for Brad and his buddies hadn't dimmed but he wouldn't be tormented any longer.

Only Brad isn't interested in tormenting Chase; he is interested in something else entirely.

But will Chase be interested in the same thing?


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