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Guns & Hoses (M/M)


Tigger Flint and Thomas Flame shared an instant mutual hate for one another from the day they met in sixth grade...


Fire & Ice (M/M)


Lukas Wolf has no desire to have a partner. He doesn't need any help, especially from some young graduate.... 


Spark & Blaze (M/M)


Brett Malone has been working for Tampa Fire Department for over three years and the last thing he needs or wants ...


Shattered Illusions (M/M)


John was still hung up on his best friend but when a bartender rescued him from a gay bashing, he never expected....


I.N.E.T.  # 1 (M/M)

Michael Knight is an excellent undercover cop and could take a joke. However, the recent jokes and pranks...


Brothers by Bond (M/M)


Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and....


Uniform Anthology (M/M)


Meet the men in uniform. These are everyday men who put on a uniform and become our heroes.


I.N.E.T.  # 2 (M/M)

Rob ‘Zep’ Zepple loved working for INET and was never afraid to go undercover to bust the drug dealers who polluted the world....


Then & Forever (M/M)


fficer Jake Silverstone was content to be alone and only hooking up to satisfy his needs. He’d already had the love of his life and after he gave his heart away twelve years ago...

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I.N.E.T. # 3 (M/M)

David Payne only worked with his Irish teammate for three months before he went under cover for two years on an op that almost got him killed.

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