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Retrieval (The Goddess of Fate 1) (M/F)


Zarkina had always known she was the bastard daughter of the Queen and was perfectly content to have never met her mother. Perfectly content guiding merchants…


Reunion (The Goddess of Fate 2) (M/F)


Forced to meet her mother, the Queen, but also confronted by the world's religious order, the Sisters of Fate...


Cresting Tide (M/M)


Peter, fleeing from an arranged marriage to a woman, stows away aboard a merchant ship only to be discovered and pitched into the sea….


New Beginnings (M/F & M/M)


Magic is fleeing the world and a seer’s vision may be the only way to prevent its extinction. The outcast warrior Zek must seek out…


Revelations (The Goddess of Fate 3) (M/F)


As Fate continues to manipulate Zarkina, she has no choice, but to venture to the Isle of Destiny to learn to control her Goddess ‘gifts.’ The journey is fraught...


Requisite (The Goddess of Fate 4) (M/F) - Coming Soon