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Soul Stealer (M/F)


Kira was born with the creation of time itself. She has lived and thrived off of the worst of what humans have to offer….


When Beasts Bite (M/M)


Jordy, manager at Shadows and Nick, Ex-Special Forces marine trainer, are best friends. Everything changed when....


Barely Restrained (M/M/F)


Roni is the head bartender at the Tampa nightclub Shadows. All she wants is to date normal humans as she brings enough baggage to.... 


Embracing Sin (M/F)


The Tampa nightclub Shadows, in Ybor City, has been more than just a place of employment for Sin. For the last year and a half….


Shattered Illusions (M/M)


John was still hung up on his best friend but when a bartender rescued him from a gay bashing, he never expected his life would go in such in a bizarre direction….


Shadows Bundle

The complete Shadows Universe in one bundle with an additional 10k words added across all 5 novels.

This Book


The Witch's Brew (M/M)

After his discharge, former Delta soldier Adam Travail just wanted to find somewhere to settle, a new home, 

This Book

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