The Goddess of Fate - Book 3

  • Tags: M/F, High Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Gods
  • Sept. 2015
  • Word Count: 52,182 | Pages: 206
  • ISBN 13:  9781943949007
  • WARNING: This novel contains extreme violence, including a rape and a whipping. If these are triggers for you, please do not read. Do to this content, the entire first chapter is not included in the sneak peek.


As Fate continues to manipulate Zarkina, she has no choice, but to venture to the Isle of Destiny to learn to control her Goddess ‘gifts.’ The journey is fraught with danger as the Bis’halites attempt to make her chose the God of Chaos and the Sisters’ of Fate have their own agenda for the heir to Jaxarelin.

Zarkina must learn control over her new magic and accept that she is the Goddess reborn, but will she accept the crown from her dying mother, the Queen?



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