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Shattered Illusions


Shadows Series - Book 5 - Stand Alone Novel - John's Story from Guns & Hoses

  • Tags: M/M, Paranormal, Romance, Firefighter, Guns & Hoses character
  • Nov. 2014
  • Word Count: 45,674 | Pages: 212
  • ISBN 13: 9781503235649

 Author Note: Books in the Shadows Series can be read in any order, but Soul Stealer is the first if you would like to follow the very loose timeline.

The Tampa nightclub Shadows, in Ybor City, is the refuge for those who are not quite normal. Simon finally found a home away from home where he 'fit in' but he was still the only single person in his new family. Being different made dating a nightmare.

John was still hung up on his best friend but when a bartender rescued him from a gay bashing, he never expected his life would go in such in a bizarre direction. Learning about himself and accepting who he was, was a challenge and one he wasn't sure he could handle.


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