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Soul Stealer


Shadows Series - Book 1 - Stand Alone Novel

  • Tags: M/F, Paranormal, Romance, Vampire
  • Feb.  2011
  • Word Count: 41,207 | Pages: 162
  • ISBN 13: 9781460923986

 Author Note: Books in the Shadows Series can be read in any order, but Soul Stealer is the first if you would like to follow the very loose timeline.

Kira was born with the creation of time itself. She has lived and thrived off of the worst of what humans have to offer. As their auras show her their true nature, it is not hard for her to find a soul that that is tasty and since most of her meals are devious in one way or another getting them to lay with her is no chore at all.

Alec Koval is a life-drinker who is a few hundred years old. Recently relocated from L.A. to Tampa, he has opened another nightclub, Shadows, that caters to 'norms' and the supernatural's who frequent the area. His curiosity is peaked one night when he spots the beautiful Kira as she is hunting in his club. He knows she is not a norm, can't figure out what she really is but knows he wants her.

Alec has no soul and Kira ca not provide the substance the life-drinker needs. Can they allow their attraction to continue and if they do, will they be able to survive with each other?


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