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When Beasts Bite (M/M)


Jordy, manager at Shadows and Nick, Ex-Special Forces marine trainer, are best friends. Everything changed when....


Sixth (Mad Dogs 1) (M/M)


Brian Hay’s only dream in life was to be part of America’s elite, yet unacknowledged, Delta Force. After years of training....


Deployed (Mad Dogs 2) (M/M)


Four geological scientists go missing in the Swiss Alp’s when they apparently wander into Arimaspi territory. It is up to the Mad Dogs to....


Extraction (Mad Dogs 3) (M/M)


Routine training for the Mad Dogs turns out to be anything but routine for Brian Hay. Finally bonded to the rest of the pack....


R & R (Mad Dogs 4) (M/M)


After rescuing Markus and Brian from the clutches of the sadistic Councilwoman, Shanna Crystal, the Mad Dogs are forced on R & R....


SNAFU (Mad Dogs 5)  (M/M)


After a disastrous R&R where none of the Dogs got any rest or relaxation, they have returned to Camp Smokey, but they are not the same Delta Unit.


AWOL (Mad Dogs 6) (M/M)


The attack on their downtime base, Camp Smokey has caused the Mad Dogs to scatter.


Recruited (Mad Dogs 7) (M/M)


Coming Soon!.


Mad Dogs Vol. 1 (M/M)


Mad Dogs 1 & 2: Sixth and Deployed combination book.


Mad Dogs Vol. 2 (M/M)


Mad Dogs 3 & 4: Extraction and R&R combination book.


Mad Dogs Vol. 3 (M/M)

Mad Dogs 5 & 6: S.N.A.F.U. and A.W.O.L combination book.